What clients have said:

"I didn't even know I needed to find a voice for my business. Thank you for helping me realise I needed one, and for helping me find it."

"Ashleigh’s work is top notch. Always accurate, always on time. I would recommend her for any subediting position."

"I love the copy for the website, there is nothing I would change. It's direct, entertaining, witty, and tells people what we do straight away..."

"LinkedIn is great, you have hit the nail on the head every time."

"I would highly recommend Ashleigh for any sub-editing position. I was always able to depend on her for accuracy and deadline management. Her work is top-drawer."

"Ashleigh has worked with us as a writer on freelance basis. She spearheaded an absolutely crazy project for us for 3 months in 2016– an adaptation of the musical West Side Story – into an hour-long strategic musical message for a bank division! The fact that she even took on this brief showed her most prominent strength – Ashleigh is a “YES” person always, who is completely undaunted by a challenge!"

"She was reliable, met deadlines, and was a team player. She attended meetings with our clients and picked up on even their tiny nuances to create a script that really hit all their points. As always, deadlines were unreasonably tight and Ashleigh managed with aplomb."

"She is fun to work with, and takes on feedback and criticism with her innate positivity. She works hard and well. I would rehire Ashleigh any time!"

"Ashleigh is highly dependable, operates extremely well under pressure, is organized, always meets deadlines and delivers well researched, credible work."

"Ashleigh is great to have around in a crisis situation and she’s always willing to go the extra mile. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with her in the past and I hope to continue working with her in the future."