Hi! I’m Ashleigh, and I run The Story Team with Bella, my dog. True story. She is vital to my business. Sometimes we’re unsure of who is in charge of whom, so it’s easier to just say we’re business partners. You can meet her (and me) on my website, www.thestoryteam.org I warn you, the cuteness is real. 

I'm a Copyhackers-trained conversion copywriter. Using Queen of Conversion Copy Joanna Wiebe's programme, I've created my own EP(i)C framework that I apply to every single project under my fingertips. I have a work ethic upon which I almost base my identity. Working under pressure gives me a little thrill up my spine (OK, a big thrill) and I make sure deadlines are met with time to spare. I’ve worked for small, medium and very large companies. I’ve worked for solopreneurs, and I’ve worked in agencies. Right, that’s out of the way. 

Here's the thing. You want words that make people stop and read because they tell a story that's delicious. And then you want them to think, "Holy hell bags! I needs me some of this, immediately!" (Because the storytelling is DELICIOUS.) "I need this deliciousness in my life, (ie your product/service/offering, dear reader). But, I'm basically broke (thanks, Corona). And, it's my anniversary this month. And yet I will pay for these ridiculously amazing words, because that storytelling is delicious (ie my copy, savvy reader) and it will make my life worth living!” Am I correct? Well, I'll find your story for you. And then I'll write it. Deliciously. Ka-ching.

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You are a gorgeous feminista goddess of divinity. You are at a point in your life where you’re ready to inspire and be inspired. You’re a woman who’s on the cusp of knowing who she is: Maybe you’re fierce and unapologetic, empowering other people to embrace who they are… Perhaps you’re gifted, influential, professional and ambitious… You might be reserved and idealistic, a thought-leader in your niche… You could be irreverent, wild and a little bit out there… Or you might be fun, friendly, down-to-earth and entirely relatable.

5 Tips to Develop Your Authentic Brand Voice, Which Is Marketing Gold

The world has become woke. There are no two ways about it. In the age of the #MeToo movement and #BlackLivesMatter, people are more socially and politically conscious than ever. While some of us are marching in the street, and others are taking to social media to air our views, millions of people are using something even more powerful to make their voices heard: their wallets. A huge amount of research has been done over the last few years when it comes to authentic branding and how businesses can benefit from it. For decades we were encouraged to not talk about politics or other issues that make people uncomfortable. But today, things are changing rapidly. Now it seems if your business doesn’t take a stand on what’s going on in the world—or worse, takes the wrong stand—it’s going to affect you where it hurts most: your bottom line.

4 challenges facing female entrepreneurs in South Africa

Considering the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses in South Africa, 2021 may not seem like the year for entrepreneurship. But it’s in environments of rapid change and uncertainty that entrepreneurs have been known to thrive. Their passion means they take control and own their futures like the bosses that they are. We’re already seeing signs of recovery in the entrepreneurial space. All things being equal, the end of the pandemic should see entrepreneurs reaching new levels of success. Unfortunately, all things are not equal.

The Ultimate Guide To The 10 Best Membership Sites For Course Creators

I truly believe that owning a digital course business is the single most powerful and exciting way to make an impact in the world while growing your income. I also truly believe that you need to know where to go to find your community (aka the people who will buy your course). That’s why you need a list of the 10 best membership sites for course creators. It’s also why I’m so excited about this Ultimate Online Course-Creation Starterkit, which is jam-packed with everything you need to know abou

Why use .lgbt domain

Why use .lgbt domain: Marketing Benefits and other Tips Six years ago in February 2015, the .lgbt domain became available to the public. It was an important and significant moment of inclusivity on the internet. Not only did it mean you could snap up the domain if you were lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender yourself, but any organizations who supported the movement could, too. When Afilias, the global domain registry operator, announced .lgbt’s opening it was a moment that acknowledged a

Plan Your Profitable Freedom Year Like a BOSS with

Want more purpose, potential, and profit in 2021? (Ummmm...duh, Natalie. Who doesn’t?) Plan your Profitable Freedom Year…Like a BOSS Reclaim control of this year* by creating your 12-month vision for 2021, profitable business plan, and content and marketing calendar in just 2 hours! (*We tried to find an adjective, but they’ve all been used up. Also, how DO you actually describe this year? No idea.) Let's make sure that 2021 is the year you TRULY adore, become unstoppable, make more money, have more fun...whatever you desire. Let's do this!

World Savings Day: how saving money can save your business

2020, the year that tested everything you knew about running a small business. As exciting and fulfilling as it is, financial risks and challenges are part of doing business. But any company can fail by making financial errors when it comes to saving. That reality can hit hard in the face of something like a global pandemic. If this year has proved anything, it’s that saving money can save your business. While financial pitfalls can be predictable, there are times when you’ll encounter them un

My Covid kick in the butt

We all had one, right? We saw the Roner coming and we knew it was gonna hit. And then it did. And it hit me RIGHT where it hurt. In my ego. I had moved to London to start working as a professional in the theatre industry. And I'd booked my first job. A week later, lockdown. Fun times. I'd always written copy. And I'd always wanted to start my own copywriting business. But, you know...life. So, now, I had to *actually* get my shit together and do it. It's amazing how a pandemic can get your ass


What's harder than rugby and football, solving a Rubick's cube, and getting a cat to love you unconditionally? Ballet. How do I know this? Because I was a professional ballet dancer for thirteen years. Passion, hard work, and dedication are a part of my DNA. A series of injuries (and life in general) changed my direction, and I decided to use those strengths in another field. So, here I am! I help time-strapped entrepreneurs manage their online teams so that they can shift focus to the profit-generating work in their business. I also create and manage project plans from start to finish, turning ideas into reality, increasing profit, and scalability. I take an in-depth look at the operations and systems of your business, and that means you can get more things done in less time. I want to learn more about your business! And this is coming from someone who can do 32 ballet turns in a row (Fouettés) Trust me. I got ya.


VIU SOUTH AFRICA: wrote and edited copy for the launch of Hong Kong based company Viu in South Africa. This role required the writing of letters to the Minister of Communications; a speech for Viu’s country manager to be delivered on the night of the event; writing and proofing of FAQs; proofing press releases; proofing and editing biographies; and updating and optimising the country manager’s LinkdIn account. [February 2018 – present]

Clockwork Media – An Integrated Communications Agency

I worked as copy editor and proof reader for three months, proofing and editing press releases, thought leadership pieces, articles, social media plans, brochures and LinkdIn profiles for an array of businesses and corporations. These included LG, SEACOM, Gautrain, L’Oreal, Fry’s, Exxaro, Ariston Global, Emirates, Fraym, Skyworth, LaLiga, Synthesis, IQ, Rectron, T-Systems, Microsoft, ASUS, Jagermeister, Adidas. An independent award-winning agency with a unique approach, the agency focuses on helping brands tell the right stories, to the right people, at the right time. Driven by metrics and data, they develop a unique and resonating brand narrative, no matter the platform.
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